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One of the lastest pinhole photographs taken on fomapan 5x7 film sheet. The work title is "Civilizations". Project contains b&w and color photographs

I would like to present you making of scenography for pinhole photography. I will update my portfolio soon. Recently, I work on 4x5 and 5x7 pinhole photography

First drawing after over 4year break. Drawing with pencils on paper, 100x70cm.

My recent video from breathtaking journey around Japan! and a little bit nostalgy. I have been in Tokyo, Kyoto, Fujiyoshida and many other small cities. Unfortunately, the typhoon over fuji messed with my plans to reach the peak of Fuji mountain. Special thanks to Yaken, Nymano and Kudasai for sharing the soundtracks!

Hello! Recently I have received my pinhole photographs from lab, in blog post Ghost of Japan you can see pinhole photographs which I took during my trip around Japan! read more

Hello Sunday evening! Check the last blog post Sketches from ItalySketches from Italy

Short footage from my trip to Rome and Venice on July of 2018. In the next post I will show some sketches from the Rome. So stay tuned.

Video footage from opening ceremonies of 2nd International Print Biennial Lodz 2018! On exhibitions we could see over 160 printmaking artworks! Big thanks for professional photographs for

Opening ceremony of the second part of the International Print Biennial Lodz 2018 post-contest exhibition. Printmaking exhibition took place at the Factory Museum in the Manufaktura of Lodz.

I am really happy that this year so many briliant Chinese artists had visitted me at opening ceremony of 2nd International Print Biennial Lodz post-contest exhibition. These two days was really intensive - It was so cool! I am missing all of you!

Finally, NEW website! With new design you can find a BLOG page where I will publish posts about technology and printmaking equipment, art, studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and more!

Here we go, new drawings from Berlin and first preprations for the 6th Tokyo International Mini-Print Triennial 2018!

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